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SOAR® Student App

The student app covers the entire SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills workbook, presented as a self-guided course. The Online App Includes:

✓ Interactive content/games, providing immediate feedback
✓ “How-to” videos, illustrating strategies
✓ Fully narrated slides, for reading support
✓ Quizzes/assessments, to ensure understanding of material
✓ Badges & certificates awarded for achievements
✓ Easy access from any computer or mobile device

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SOAR® Multimedia Teacher's Guide

The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum includes our “Done-For-You” and popular Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide.

The Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide includes:

✓ Ready-to-go lesson plans.
✓ Hundreds of slides with interactive visuals for guiding instruction.
✓ Multiple assessments.
✓ Online Gradebook to track Student App progress.
✓ Clean, bright, colorful presentation. Great for visual learners.
✓ Additional online resources tie SOAR strategies to the “real-world.”
✓ A lot of support! Comprehensive instructor support is included.

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