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What to Do

-Determine all of the pages where you would like parents and students to have access to this link, such as: your school district website, your school’s homepage, counselors’ pages, your individual website, etc.

-Share this link with your IT person:


They can quickly copy and paste a small section of code from this page on every webpage where you would like it included. (This will only take a few seconds per page.)

-Share this resource with your colleagues, parents, and students. Some options include:

-Send an email with a link to your parents.

-Send an email with a link to your colleagues.

-Tell parents about it at conferences. Report card season is coming and many parents will be looking for good resources to help their children.

-Include information in your classroom and school newsletter.

-Pull up the website in your classroom and show students the variety of topics available to them under the “Students” section.

You may place whatever size seal makes the most sense for your site on your home page or award page. Please leave the link in tact so parents and students can have easy access to the free resources available at www.StudySkills.com.






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