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Chapter/Lesson #Page #Title/Name or Description
Intro2Detailed List of Schools Using SOAR
Intro2Details of Woodward Academy Study
Intro4Free Book Bonus Material
Intro16Standardized Test Scores Citations
127What Is Your Super Power?
[link 1] [link 2]
453“How to Control Computer Distractions”
454-56Reproducible Planner Page
Sec. 361“Cost of Disorganization” Calculator
991“How to Write an Email”
11106Video: How to Format Notes Electronically (coming soon)
12115“How to Improve Standardized Test Scores”
13126How to Do Online Research & Verify Sources
13128Report Planning Guide
13130Writing Planning Guide
13133Revising and Editing Checklist
13136“How to Write an Email”
15143Grammar Symbols (coming soon)
15143Most Common Language Errors
15144Links to Popular Language Games
15144Most Common Figures of Speech
15144“How to Learn Vocabulary Words”
16151-152Grade Tracking Sheet
17153Downloadable Goal Sheet