GIFTs Learning Style Model

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Each of us bring natural GIFT (s) for how we approach life, how we are organized, how we take in information, how we make decisions & how we structure our learning. The Mnemonic G.I.F.T. is a way to format the 4 corners exercise of Structure, Meaning, Action and Caring while providing BOTH Educators’ & Parents’ with a practical tool for utilizing awareness and creating maximum opportunities for achievement. The following 4 styles are equally valuable for Success Advocacy :

GRACEFULS /Caring (Column 1 above) use personal warmth and a sympathetic/friendly interactive style. They provide practical help/services for people and later in life may impact their community by working in patient care and/or other helping professions.

INTERACTIVES/ Meaning (column 2 above) apply enthusiastic insights’ during interactions/communications’. For example, later in life they impact their community by designing Masterpieces of Art, Literature or Scientific Research.

FACTUALS/Structure (column 3 above) use a practical/matter of fact approach to impersonal analysis. They have strong technical skills combined with objective fact application. Later in life, they work in business/ production while applying their scientific fact based approach.

TASK ORIENTERS/ Action (column 4 above) take action in a logical and ingenious manner. They work in construction, production and may often be scientists doing meaningful projects requiring hands-on engagement to their management.

The matrix above demonstrates how the 4 corners perspectives of Structure, Meaning, Action & Caring could be implemented for success by educators/parents while representing the beginning of a detailed program. 

Ira Hancock is a Professional Educational Therapist who uses the GIFT mnemonic for improved awareness/understanding during faculty & parent workshops.

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