How a Simple Studying Technique Led to the Only 100% Test Grade Out of 250 Students

Preparing for an exam where the average score is 65% had me a little concerned. I usually got good grades, but had never been particularly good at taking exams. And the fact that my extremely smart roommate‘s grade was only a 45% last term, really gave me anxiety.

Some of the best gifts in life will have a delayed reaction.

Checking my teacher’s reviews online was not helpful either. He had a 1.5/5 star rating. His page was filled with comments such as: “Don’t waste your time with this class or this teacher,” “Exams are impossible,” and “You will fail!”

I needed to do well; I needed to pass and I couldn’t let my GPA plummet. The pressure was on and the nervousness didn’t help the situation. I needed something to take the pressure and anxiety away.

I knew from the first class that his exam would be truly terrible. It was a combination of short answer, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and even a crossword puzzle with no word bank. All of this combined, made me think there was no way I could do well on this exam.

My previous study methods were not going to cut it. There was no book to go along with the material. No homework. No study guide. No “anything.” I was put to the task of remembering every word that came out of my teacher’s mouth during lecture.

I was laying in bed hopelessly stressing after the first day of class. Then it hit me… that high school graduation gift from my former teacher, Mr. Winter. It was a book about study skills written by his wife.

I read through it and in 15 minutes had already learned a new way to take and study notes. The book also guaranteed my success, so I gave the note-taking method a shot.

Every day in class I used SOAR’s method to take notes. Everyday after class I spent 10 minutes reviewing my SOAR notes. Sounds painful right? Ironically it was easier than any other way I had taken or studied notes before.

Because of the note-taking method, I went into the exam with complete confidence. I knew everything my teacher talked about over the previous weeks.

The results?

I scored 100% on that exam… crossword puzzle and everything! I was one of the first people done. I was the only student, out of 250, to get 100%!

My teacher even said after that he was “shocked” anyone got 100% because he designed the exam so no one could ever get 100%. But, I did! And it was all thanks to SOAR.

My SOAR Learning & Soft Skills book was truly one of the best gifts ever given to me. Although I didn’t realize the value at the time, the success I’ve had after reading and implementing it is astounding.

I know it is not your traditional graduation gift.  It truly might not get the immediate reaction that you would get if your student opens a big check or a new laptop.

But, it will be the gift that will lead them to success. While you may not get the outstanding reaction when the gift is opened, one day you may receive a phone call that starts with, “Do you remember that book you got me about studying?…”

To get that book, click here.

If you’re an educator and want to give this gift to all your students, check out your options here.

Jessie S.
SOAR Team Member

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