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Roadmap for Virtual Teaching + Learning!

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

In August of 2019, we launched a hybrid secondary school (virtual curriculum w/project-based learning); it was the STEEPEST learning curve of our lives! We were just beginning to “reflect and collect” how to make next fall MUCH smoother, when the pandemic struck! So, we are creating tools as quickly as possible to help smooth your continued journey with virtual learning.

A “New Normal”

The entire landscape of virtual learning is different than traditional, “seated,” education… and, that landscape is almost entirely INVISIBLE! So, half the battle is simply “seeing the unseen.”  That is what we’ve done with this Roadmap; we’ve outlined the path and provided simple checklists and tutorials to guide you through this new territory, with ease.

Five-Part Preparation: The Roadmap

Below, we’ve outlined the five parts of preparation that will optimize the virtual learning experience for both teachers and students. Follow the path, from 1-5, and you’ll find yourself feeling calm and confident for tackling what lies ahead!

Teacher-led or Student-led?

Video: Teacher-led or Student-led?

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • COMING SOON: What is LMS?
  • COMING SOON: List of LMS Options

Student Readiness



Note: Content is the same as 4 - Teacher Readiness

Teacher Readiness



Note: Content is the same as 5 - Student Readiness

Up Next: Virtual Learning Skills

With the right virtual learning skills, your students won’t just survive virtual learning, they’ll thrive!  The best part… whether you and your students are in a virtual learning environment, a traditional classroom, or moving back-and-forth, we can help!

Students using our study skills curriculum average an increase in GPA of more than 1-Full point!  And, they actually spend less time on schoolwork.  How is that possible?

It’s not through tricks or gimmicks.  It’s never about memorizing.  It’s about simple, fundamental, brain-based learning techniques.  Frankly, it’s just “best practices” in education.

Learn more about our curriculum here.

To our students’ success,

Susan + Brian