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SOAR 4-Square - Consulting BluPrintThank you for your interest in the SOAR® Elite Customized Consulting program! To apply, please copy/paste the questions below into an email or Word document.  Once you have completed your answers, please send them to us via our Contact Us page.

The following questions are designed to provide benefits for both of us.  For you, there is great value in getting very clear on the changes you want to make, while being free to be totally honest about the roadblocks that are standing in your way.

For me, the value of this application is to determine if I can assist you with your objectives and if we are on similar pages in terms of values.  If you read the full description of this program on my website and felt that this program was a good fit for you, then chances are very good that we will make a good team. Therefore, your responses to this application also help me filter out people who lack the full commitment to this endeavor.

As you respond to the following questions, please don’t “overthink” your answers. The more raw, frank and candid you are, the better I can appreciate your true beliefs and intentions. (The field of education rarely encourages this level of pure honesty, so you may feel a little unprofessional, at first. But, as long as you exercise basic levels of respect and human decency, I assure you I can handle it.)

NOTE: There is a fee for this application. If I don’t believe I can be of value of you, I will refund your fee and not waste any more of your time.  My long-term reputation is far more valuable than a short-term gain at your expense.  So, I can assure you of my honest evaluation and consideration before we even begin.

So let’s get started….

1.  Your name, position

2.  About your school:

a)  Name of school

b)  Address

c)  Ages or grade levels in your school

d)  Public, private, charter, other?

e)  Any special areas of focus? (i.e. performing arts, LD, etc.).

3.  After reading through my description of the program, what sections, sentences, or sound bites resonated most deeply with you? Why?

4.  Why did you become an educator? If you have a story to share about this, please share it!

5.  Please give me a 2-3 paragraph summary of your experience in education, so far.

6.  What has been your favorite role or position in education, thus far? Why?

7.  How do you feel about mandated standards and benchmarks?

Do you feel that they:

…help increase the quality of education?

…are stifling for students?

Or, do you have your won, specific ideas about this topic? Please elaborate.

8.  Make a list of the top 3-6 obstacles standing between you and your objectives and/or personal mission in education?

9.  Take a moment to think of the teachers on your staff who you would consider your “Leader Teachers” or “Teachers of Excellence.” List them now. (Please remember this document is fully       confidential!)

10. Now, go back up to your list. Next to each teacher’s name, provide a 1-4 sentence summary describing observations and/or characteristics that prompted you to list their name above.

11. It is now time to reflect on the teachers who represent conflict in some way. Which teachers do you think would be most reluctant to making radical changes (You can use code names, if you     prefer. I don’t ever need to know their real identity.) Why do you think they feel this way?

12. If you were to sit down and have brutally honest conversations with your teachers, what do you think they would list as their top 3-6 obstacles standing between them and their ideal careers?

13. Please list all types of data you are mandated to collect. Include:

a)  The source of the data.

b)  How you administer/collect this data.

c)  Who requires it (your school district, archdiocese, state education dept, federal government, etc.).

d)  How often this data is reviewed.

14. What data points/source do you most often reference to assess the performance of your school?

15. One of the teachers’ greatest complaints is “unmotivated” students. Why do you think students are unmotivated?

16. In your opinion, what does it take to motivate students? Do you have any significant memories or stories from your youth when you were really motivated by something? Please share your story.

17. Your direct phone number and email:


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