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Brian Winter, M.Ed.

An Appeal for Support from Susan Kruger’s Husband

January 28, 2014

I am Susan Kruger’s husband. Today I’m asking you to support my wife with three simple clicks of your mouse button. (Nothing more; no email sign-ups, no annoying marketing, just mouse-clicked votes). Are you a fast-track, quick-start? If so, Click here. Why Support Susan? Susan has been recognized for her contributions by her local community.…

Michigan’s Teacher of the Year Cracks the Code on the Secret to Success in Education

September 16, 2013

After reading an article in our local Detroit Free Press, my husband, Brian, was inspired to write the following. Enjoy! – Susan ——– Identifying the Problem “We have to be in a growth mind-set,” said Michigan Teacher of the Year Garry Abud. “This is not a fixed world. It’s about moving forward.” Gary Abud’s words…

The Marshmallow Effect

August 3, 2011

Today, I want to share a resource that became the topic of one of the “rants” Susan mentioned yesterday. We were discussing how important it is for student to learn how to “delay gratification” in order to be successful… in school or in life. So, I shared this video with her. This Marshmallow Experiment was…

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