Response to Intervention (RTI)

Many schools are using SOAR® Study Skills for RTI!

This is an email we received from a frustrated educator:

“I work in a middle school and see the severe lack of study and organizational skills of the students entering this academic arena. The wheels seem to fall off these students! Most have never been taught organizational skills but are expected, by middle school, to be independent and organized.

One of my students has severe dyslexia and he is actually better off in school than the unorganized child. By law, the school is providing him with many accommodations and resource help to assist. Those children that lack organizational skills simply fall through the cracks and receive no help or sympathy!”

- Nancy Drake, Charleston, SC

Every week, we receive emails or phone calls from teachers like Nancy who are exasperated over the challenges their students have in school because they lack organization and study skills.

The team of school psychologists in Prince George County, VA,  discovered that over 50% of the students referred to them for academic problems simply lacked organization and study skills! As a result, they formed a Study Skills Committee specifically to address these problems.

Response to Intervention is now allowing schools to provide resources to these struggling students before it is too late. Study skills, or strategic learning skills, provide students with the skills to easily manage papers, keep track of homework, manage their time, and learn more efficiently. Every student can benefit from these skills, but struggling students have the most to gain.

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