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Articles for Educators — Topics


The Plight of Teachers in 2014

Last fall, Microsoft asked me to share some thoughts about changes in education.  Naturally, about technology.  But, as I explained below, the cascading effect of technology on students will have an impact on teachers…. For the better!

“History will show that mobile technology will be the catalyst of the greatest revolution in education because it is putting the learner in the drivers’ seat.” – Susan Kruger, USA

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Especially for Private, Charter and Magnet Schools: The Recruiting Power of Study Skills

The shouting match never ends; you’re always trying to out-shout competing schools. But I have some insight for you. The yelling all sounds the same. Declaring your school is “better” just isn’t good enough anymore. You need to step away from the crowd and show a unique attribute.

One of the top schools in the country, Detroit Country Day School, uses study skills to improve student performance and to enhance their recruiting efforts.

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The Matrix of Study Skills; What if Neo Chose the Blue One?

In the movie, The Matrix, there’s a famous scene where Morpheus offers Neo a choice… Red Pill or Blue Pill. If Neo takes the blue pill, it would allow him to remain in his made-up reality of the Matrix and continue living in ignorance.  If Neo takes the red pill, he escapes the Matrix and enters the real world to live in reality.

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Why Didn’t Someone Teach Me How to Learn Earlier!?

At the end of this week, the 2nd edition of SOAR is going to press.  As I did eight years ago with the original I’ve put my heart and soul into this new edition to save students from the struggles I did not need to face. The following letter to students is included in the new edition.

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Two Proven Ways to Raise Scores on State & Standardized Tests

State & Standardized Tests

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Letter to My Younger Self

Today is a very special day for me.  It’s my 10th anniversary as a parent!  Yes, today is my son’s 10th birthday.

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How the 80/20 Principle Simplifies Common Core

Last week, I wrote about the universal law of nature that can make all of us far more productive, the 80/20 Principle. There are many different ways to leverage 80/20 in education.

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80/20 in the Classroom: How to Change the Way You Work

There is a universal rule that governs our lives behind the scenes. It works silently, only to be observed by those aware of its existence. The people who do understand its power spend more of their precious time pursuing passions and living happier lives.

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Free Webinar: The Recruitment Power of Study Skills! Interview with a Top-Ranked, Nationally Recognized Private School

If you are from a private, charter, or magnet school and have to recruit students, this is the time of year that the pressure cooker heats up!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could easily differentiate yourself from your competition with a simple approach that improves student performance and makes families really happy, while reducing your stress level?

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An Appeal for Support from Susan Kruger’s Husband

I am Susan Kruger’s husband.  Today I’m asking you to support my wife with three simple clicks of your mouse button. (Nothing more; no email sign-ups, no annoying marketing, just mouse-clicked votes).

Are you a fast-track, quick-start?  If so, Click HERE!

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