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Simplicity Creates the Best Strategic Learning Skills

Have you ever wondered what we do with the regular feedback that we get about our program? Well, sometimes, we determine we just can’t use it!


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The iPad Simplified the Computer. This Will Simplify Education…

Last week Susan and I attended an 80/20 seminar put on by Richard Koch and Perry Marshall. Richard Koch is the modern day expert on the 80/20 principle (for more info on 80/20 principle click HERE). There we learned more about the power of 80/20 and the power of simplification.

The 80/20 Principle is the secret to the power of simplification.

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Building a Positive Relationship with Your Teacher Could Impact Your Grade

As a teacher, I always set high expectations for my students. I was firm on deadlines and adhered to expectations I built from day 1.

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How a $0.06 Tool Gets Students to Use a Planner

Pavlov’s Dog taught us that we pursue activities that provide rewards. This historic experiment is an extremely relevant principle today, especially in education. Students do activities that they can see the value in!

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Simple Tips for Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Parents to Start the School Year!

It is finally that time of year again. The time when parents, students, and teachers are all excited for the year that is about to come. Everyone is getting a fresh start. This school year could be when you or your student excels!

The first day of school can be a stressful one. Students have been off for months and struggle to get into the swing of things. Teachers, administrators and parents struggle to help their students make the transition back.

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Making the Shift from “Teacher” to “Coach” Pays Huge Dividends in the Classroom

When you decided to become a teacher, what visions did you have for your future? Was it an inspirational tale of you awakening minds?  “Ah-hah” moments from students spread throughout each day?

Perhaps you were inspired by a movie, like: Dead Poets Society, Dangerous Minds, or Freedom Writers. Perhaps you instantly connected with those visions and passions to educate children for a brighter future.

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The ‘How To’ Guide To Improving Education: From Anchor Standards To Grit To ADHD and Everything In Between

Simple solutions work best in engineering and education.

In the world of engineering, the best solution to a problem is the “simplest”.  Why?  Because the more complex a solution is, the more ways it can fail.

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Special Education: Study Skills Are Essential for Students with ADHD & Learning Disabilities!

Clearly, the best 80/20 leverage point for helping students with ADHD & learning disabilities is to teach strategies aligned to the circuitry of the brain.  Not only does this allow for maximum efficiency, it naturally builds detours around traditional challenges.

I have ADHD & dyslexia. Both of my children do, too.  Brain-aligned strategies have allowed all of us to have success with learning!  The following illustrations explain a few basic concepts about the biology of the brain that provide insight towards brain-friendly strategies.

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Gift to Detroit: A Language for Success!

The Power of Language

Two nights ago, my ten year-old son, Mark, was getting very upset over simple things.  After the second meltdown, I knew something was up.

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The City of Detroit Is Rapidly Improving; It’s Time for Education to Do the Same.

“We are ALL from the City of Detroit…” Well, you might not actually BE from Detroit, but if you work in the field of education, you can probably relate to many of the challenges that Detroit has faced.

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