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How All Educators Are “From Detroit”

I was born and raised in Detroit. I’m used to the negative impressions about my hometown when I travel. But last summer, the reaction became deeply visceral.

The Spirit of Detroit is our symbol of strength.

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What Students and Employers Both Need

Kevin and I are both college seniors at Michigan State University. Every year there are two giant career fairs, with over 200 companies. The crazy part is, every year the companies are the same. Year after year, big companies such as Ford, Chrysler, BP, and PepsiCo come to MSU—and every other university— hiring hundreds of new graduates.

So, why do they keep coming back? It is highly unlikely their businesses are growing by that much every year. It isn’t like the companies have all these new types of jobs every six months. If there are all these graduates, with technical degrees and the correct qualifications, why is it that these employers can’t fill positions? There is only one reason they need to constantly be hiring…

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Why Is Simplicity So Complicated?

In medicine, doctors will prescribe the minimum effective dose. Meaning, you want to cure the illness but minimize the side effects. Learning is no different. When learning new materials, we want to use the strategies that are most effective, with the least amount of side effects, (time, energy, stress/anxiety).

The most effective and efficient way to study is to use the simplest approach.

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Are You Broken? New York Educator Admits to Her Students, “I Didn’t Feel Like I Mattered”

I’m sure you have heard the story of Principal Lopez from Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn, NY. If you haven’t, check out the quick clip from The Ellen Show below:

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How Special Education Students Can Come Out Ahead of General Education Students

Stop. Answer these questions:

  • In 1970, what percentage of jobs in the marketplace required a 4-year college degree?
  • Today, what percentage of jobs in the marketplace require a 4-year college degree?

Here’s your answer…

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What Makes Special Ed Teachers Sing Like Taylor Swift?

Why are you still a special education teacher? You have to deal with loads of paperwork, angry parents, impossible state standards, and flack from administrators. Doesn’t it feel like you’re constantly swimming up stream?

What makes you sing like Taylor Swift?

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What Goes on in the ADHD Brain?

Writing vs thinking your goals…which makes you more successful?

How can you guarantee your students will be more successful than their peers? How can you guarantee this with a 10-minute activity? The answer is simple. You can start this year off right by doing one simple activity.

There is a significant increase in accomplishments when people write out their goals.

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Simplicity Creates the Best Strategic Learning Skills

Have you ever wondered what we do with the regular feedback that we get about our program? Well, sometimes, we determine we just can’t use it!


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