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Building a Positive Relationship with Your Teacher Could Impact Your Grade

As a teacher, I always set high expectations for my students. I was firm on deadlines and adhered to expectations I built from day 1.

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How a $0.06 Tool Gets Students to Use a Planner

Pavlov’s Dog taught us that we pursue activities that provide rewards. This historic experiment is an extremely relevant principle today, especially in education. Students do activities that they can see the value in!

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Vocabulary and Differentiation: Larry Says, “Just Deal with It…”

Two weeks ago, we published an article about learning vocabulary words (available here). It was my answer to a question from Jean, a concerned parent whose son was struggling with an on-going vocabulary testing situation.

Immediately after we published that article, we received a response from Larry M.  Here’s what Larry had to say:

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How to Learn Vocabulary Words

We received an e-mail from our client Jean:

I’m wondering if you can help with a recurring problem.  My son, Daniel, gets 20-25 vocab words every couple of weeks for his Language Arts class.  For the test, he has to pull the words out of his head, spell them correctly and write the correct definition.  In other words, the test is not matching or multiple choice.  The teacher is very kind and wants the students to retake the test if they score below a certain percentage, but then Dan has several lists of words to study.  Anyway, Dan’s been having trouble passing the tests the first time.   I’ve encouraged him to write sentences using the words so that he can relate the word to something meaningful in his life.  I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions.

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Impact of a Zero

Have you ever thought about the impact of a zero? Probably not. Well, this week Brian put together a video to explain how one or two missing assignments can have a devastating impact on your grade.

If you’ve never thought about the impact that a zero can have, you need to watch this video!

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Understanding the Needs of the 21st Century Learner

In anticipation of the upcoming Microsoft’s Partners in Learning webinar on October 23, 2013, I was interviewed by Microsoft to get my take on the state of education in our country. Read on to see the interview.

What drew you to the field of education? Why is it important to you?

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Two Life-Changing Minutes from Malala

In anticipation of last week’s announcement of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winner, I heard a lot of buzz about Malala.

If you don’t know Malala, she’s a 16 year-old girl from Pakistan that has been an outspoken advocate of education, especially for girls. As a result, she became a target of the Taliban. One year ago, they seized her bus as she rode home from school and shot her in the head at point-blank range. Miraculously, she survived.

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How the Planner Saved My Life

This article comes to you from my cousin, and SOAR® intern, Kevin.


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The Power of Gratitude, in School and at Home

I was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis at age 19. The summer before my third year of college, I became extraordinarily sick. Somehow I limped through my first semester until I could return home for the holidays.

But that Christmas was a disappointment. I couldn’t keep up with our traditional all-night euchre games with my cousins (and my mom, the leader of the pack). Worse, people treated me differently – as if I had become a disease, not a person. They all meant well, but it was a difficult adjustment.

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How to Control Computer Distractions

While computers and the internet are amazing resources for students, they are full of potential distractions. Today’s students spend hours per day on the computer for learning tasks both in and out of school. However, social media sites, online games, and other “addictive” websites are everywhere, and many students have a hard time staying on task when they are doing school work on the computer.

Thankfully, there are programs available that enable students to temporarily block popular social media sites, online games, or whatever other websites are becoming a distraction. Two of these programs are detailed below. The programs are very similar; the main difference is that one only works on PCs while the other only works on Mac computers.

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