Case Studies of Families

Is it Really Possible For Me

…to Earn Better Grades In Less Time?

…to Eliminate Homework Fights in My House?

YES! It is possible to do both. Read below to learn about actual clients who each dealt with common homework problems, discovered solutions, and reaped great results.

1. “He’s Not Working to His Potential!”

The Problem

Kyle, an 8th grade student with ADHD, was failing most of his classes. His teachers all agreed that his most significant problem was missing assignments. His mother was completely exasperated because she knew Kyle completed many of the assignments that his teachers never received. The two of them fought every day about homework and the arguments would get very intense. Kyle also complained that he did not understand anything that was going on in class or anything he read in a textbook. Aptitude tests indicated that Kyle was very bright, confirming exactly what all of his teachers said, “He’s just not working to his potential.”

The Solution…

2. “I Work Hard, But My Grades Do Not Show It.”

The Problem

As a junior in high school, Kathryn was a “good” student but was often frustrated because her grades never seemed to reflect her effort. “It’s hopeless!” she said after receiving a low grade on a math test for which she spent hours preparing. She was also overwhelmed with writing assignments. She had a major research paper to do over the following quarter and felt paralyzed by it. “I don’t even know where to begin,” she sighed.

The Solution…

3. “Homework Is Destroying Our Family!”

The Problem

As a mother of two girls, ages 9 and 11, Nancy was becoming increasingly more frustrated by the nightly homework battles in her home. “I cannot sit and do every piece of homework with them because I have to get the dishes done, lunches made, do the laundry. Yet, they freak out when I leave the room then fight with me about how to do their work. It cannot continue this way or homework will actually destroy our family.”

The Solution…

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