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Welcome, Conquistadores

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Resources for Parents

Homework Help eBook

($19.99 value, FREE to Conquistadore parents)
The strategies in Homework Help for Parents provide simple action plans to help parents and families:

  • Eliminate homework arguments and fights.
  • Plan ahead more effectively to stop “Last Minute Syndrome.”
  • Reduce evening chaos.
  • Streamline papers and supplies to get organized.
  • Learn how to plan, organize, and learn beyond schoolwork.
  • Reduce (often eliminate) forgotten supplies and lost assignments.
  • Improve student’s accountability at home and at school.
  • Learn how to instantly read text-books faster and with greater comprehension!
  • Learn how to learn more efficiently and effectively.


Resources for Teachers

SOAR Learning Login Portal


Resources for Students

SOAR Student App Login Portal

Access to Book Bonus Materials


  • Reproducible Planner Pages
  • Report Planning Guide
  • Writing Planning Guide
  • Revising and Editing Checklist
  • Most common language and grammar mistakes
  • Grade tracking sheet
  • How to write an email
  • How to improve test scores
  • And more!