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July 13, 2011

Comprehensive Coverage of Needs I have done much research over the last 2 years in an attempt to find just the right thing that I feel would be most beneficial with the at-risk students with whom I work. Though my work with students has been helpful, I have always believed something more concrete that systematically…


July 2, 2011


Educator Success Stories

March 30, 2011

Click on the links below to hear from educators who’ve found success with SOAR® Study Skills. Each interview is available in a shortened version and a full interview version. Transcriptions of each interview are also posted for download. Urban High School: Toledo, OH Gary Thompson is the Director of Toledo Technology Academy, ranked the 2nd…

Who SOAR Helps

March 30, 2011

Welcome, Educators! We are dedicated to making your life easier, while you help your students achieve personal success.  All of our articles and curriculum materials are built on a foundation of simplicity for both you and your students. Small hinges swing big doors.  To help you make the most of our website, select the level…

Welcome, Parents!

March 30, 2011

You’ve arrived on this page because you are concerned, right? We get it. We’re parents, too. Your child is an amazing kid, the apple of your eye, and you want the best for them. If you could give them the moon, you would. You’ve noticed that your son or daughter – or maybe all of…


March 29, 2011

Dear Parents & Educators, I used to struggle in school; I would study for hours for a test, then “bomb” it. My grades did not reflect my effort and I often gave up. I figured, “What’s the point of trying if I’m just going to fail anyway?” Does this sound familiar? As adults, we are…

How I Was Accused of Child Abuse

March 22, 2011

A week ago today, my husband & I were called in to meet with our son’s principal.  The topic? His attendance. Mark, a first-grader, has a variety of health and learning issues that we’ve been sorting through all year. He’s seen nine specialists and had a WIDE variety of tests, so his absences have been adding…

Tribute to My Dad on His Birthday

December 8, 2010

Several months ago, I was asked to write a 600-word story about how my father has contributed to my success in life. It was supposed to be published in a book paying tribute to fathers, but I believe the project has fallen-through. Nonetheless, I have had this piece and had been wondering how I might…

August, 2009: Vicki & Jen

August 1, 2009

Susan Kruger was featured in this audio segment for What Really Matters Podcast Visit Susan’s page on or download mp3 here.   EB 071317

August, 2007: Vancouver Family Magazine

August 1, 2007

Susan Kruger wrote this article in Vancouver Family Magazine, “21 Days to Back-to-School Bliss.“     EB 071317

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