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Back in 1928, Walt Disney never would have guessed that the creation of his little mouse, “Mickey,” would lead to his widespread career in the entertainment industry. Likewise, Susan Kruger, creator of SOAR® Study Skills, never would have guessed that her struggles in school and the hours of homework fights with her mother would eventually evolve into a successful career. (Her mother never would have imagined it, either!)

While Susan has extensive professional experience and training, she will tell you that her greatest asset as a teacher and study skills coach is that she has been a student for a VERY LONG time. Growing up, Susan was always the youngest member of her class and struggled in school. She was frequently frustrated with her grades that, after spending a lot of time preparing for tests or projects, never seemed to reflect her effort. She often felt frustrated and unmotivated.

However, Susan is living proof that it is possible to get better grades in less time! During her first semester of college, Susan learned several study strategies that taught her how to study smarter -not harder- enabling her to earn a 3.9 GPA that first semester. Susan was amazed to discover that these great grades were actually easier to earn than her mediocre grades from high school!

Since 1996, Susan has been teaching hundreds of students how to achieve success in school while also creating time for fun! She began tutoring individual students in study skills but the demand for her expertise grew, so she created the SOAR® Study Skills Workshops to reach more students. She used her experience as a teacher, tutor, and of course, as a student, to identify the core strategies students need to be successful in school. Her workshops were a great success in her community and rendered a lot of attention from schools, parents, and media.

Susan's Family

Susan’s Family

Susan now has programs and resources for families across the country and around the world. Her books, teacher’s guides, training videos, classes, and audio programs provide easy and realistic solutions to the most common study problems that students and their families face. She helps students discover how to develop confidence and be successful in school, helps families tackle homework together peacefully, and enables teachers to provide tangible and successful strategies for their students.

Susan & Her Family

Susan is a Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree as a Reading/Learning Specialist. She travels the country training teachers in study skills and language arts education and lends her talents as a consultant for a major textbook company. When she is not “working,” Susan enjoys the company of her son, daughter, husband (a fellow educator), “adopted” live-in cousin, and her large extended family.