SOAR® Tutoring Enrichment Guide


This turn-key web-based guide is for tutors or teachers of after-school programs. Includes a six session presentation.

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SOAR® Tutoring Enrichment Guide

The Tutoring Enrichment Guide provides instructional resources to accompany the SOAR® Study Skills workbook. Each student should have access to a workbook (volume discounts available).

The SOAR® Tutoring Enrichment Guide was developed in response to requests for a turn-key presentation tool to share the SOAR® Study Skills program in a tutoring, after school program, summer program, or enrichment class setting. The Tutoring Enrichment Guide is similar to our Multi-Media Teacher's Guide, only instead of 20 lessons, the presentation has been compressed to 6 hour-long sessions. The lessons are ready to go, requiring little preparation time from you.

This web-based resource includes over 100 visual slides that will facilitate instruction for you and promote better learning for your students. Each slide includes teacher tips and instructor notes to provide plenty of background information and assistance with the content. The visuals and interactive slides demonstrate strategies and reinforce concepts. The electronic, multi-media nature of the program is especially engaging for students with learning disabilities (LD) or ADHD.

Each of the six sections include a spiral review to tie previous learning into new concepts. The strategies in SOAR® layer nicely into one another, so the spiral review is a great way to build learning connections and help make the information more permanent for your students.

What Is Included in the Tutoring Enrichment Guide?

-6 Ready-to-Go Lessons so that you can start teaching study skills today! Each lesson is approximately one hour in length.

-Over 100 slides for student instruction and instructor reference. The slides provide visual demonstrations and interactive activities to support the content in the book.

-Teaching tips and instructor notes. Every slide provides tips and recommendations for instructors, as well as pointers on how to deal with common concerns or objections from students.

-Pacing guidelines. The instruction is broken down into six sessions. Each slide also has a recommended time-frame to assist with planning. This structure can be modified by instructors, but provides general guidelines for planning purposes.

-Complimentary parent resources. We provide many free resources and articles on our website that you are free to distribute to parents. The information compliments what students are learning in SOAR® and provides pointers on how parents can support strategies at home.

What Does the Program Teach?

The SOAR® Study Skills Tutoring Curriculum covers the following topics:

-Establishing priorities

-Identifying goals

-Scheduling time to take action

-Organizing papers

-Organizing space

-Organizing time

-Interacting with teachers

-Reading textbooks

-Writing papers

-Taking and studying notes

-Taking tests

-Tracking grades

-Monitoring goals

-Recognizing achievements

What Other Benefits Does The Program Provide?

-An advantage over your competition! Study skills are largely ignored in schools and educational institutions. When you advertise that you teach "study skills," you will attract attention! Parents are looking for help, but are having a hard time finding helpful options.

-Bulk discounts on books. We provide a 20-35% discount on bulk book orders (4 or more). You may purchase books in bulk and resell them to participating families for retail price.

-Purchasing Guide for Recommended Supplies. The SOAR® program prides itself on its simplicity, but there are a few supplies we recommend for the most effective implementation. The Purchasing Guide provides a complete description of supplies, recommended on-line vendors, and suggestions to consider when shopping at your local office supply store.

-Special Report: How to Advertise Tutoring Services. There are usually two major hurdles to overcome as a tutor:

1. determining a structure/curriculum for instruction and
2. advertising your services to attract tutoring clients. Our special report will explain how to:

-Establish yourself as an expert tutor

-Develop a niche

-Develop a tutoring system

-Communicate your value

-"Advertise" and spread the word

-Develop a referral system

-Provide valuable feedback to parents to document your progress

-Pre & Post Student Inventory. Everyone likes to see documented progress!

The pre-inventory allows:

-Students to identify their target areas of focus. This is KEY to help them understand the relevance of the program and become engaged with strategies that can make a big difference for them!

-Parents to see what your target areas of concern will be.

-You to identify the "hot buttons" for students and focus your attention on what matters most to them.

The post-inventory allows a before-after comparison of progress, so:

-Students can reflect on everything they have learned and become aware of their progress.

-Parents can see documented proof of the skills their child(ren) have learned.

-You can begin building "personal stats" on your effectiveness as a Study Skills Tutor.

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Students quickly develop greater confidence in themselves and have an increased sense of motivation once they discover that school can be easier and learning can be fun!

"I was getting C's and D's. Now I am getting A's and B's! I learned how to be organized and how to has made such a difference!"

-Katie H., 11th Grade Student

"Life is so much easier!"

-Holly Z., 9th Grade Student

Parents find that homework battles disappear once they have learned how to help their child study better and how to communicate more effectively.

"Everything is practical and easy to do. Great tips! My son set up a SOAR® Binder and it is working for him!"

-Janet C., Elementary and Middle School Parent

"Kurt is more focused about his time management. The jar of priorities made a big impact on how he uses him time on a daily basis."

-Lachele M., Middle School Parent

Teachers discover that significantly more homework is turned in on time, less time is wasted on lost assignments and supplies, and students score better on quizzes, tests, and writing assignments.

"I have concluded, FINALLY, that the SOAR® Study Skills program is the best I have ever seen, offering the most comprehensive coverage of the needs of the students I service."

-Rita L., School Success Educator

Administrators are happy when scores on standardized tests increase because students have not only learned how to take tests but have learned how to think more critically.

"I wanted to let you know that our parents are still saying great things about SOAR®. Many of the comments center on how practical everything is...Several parents are doing the weekly meeting and they love it!"

-Dave S., Middle School Assistant Principal

Tutors are thrilled to be able to offer parents and students a progam that teaches skills that improve students' performance across all of their classes.

"Thank you so very much!!!!! I LOVE this program."

-Kim S., Tutor

"I have investigated many programs and yours is the best!"

-Stephan D., Tutor

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