SOAR® Study Skills Workbook


Our best-selling book for students teaches students how to manage time, get organized, and learn efficiently.

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SOAR® Study Skills Book

A simple and efficient system for earning better grades in less time.

Identifying what turns students OFF to 'study skills' and teaching what turns them ON to strategic they can earn better grades in less time.

Do any of these complaints and excuses sound familiar?

"I forgot my books at school!"

"I did my homework, but now I can't find it."

"I forgot we had to do that for homework."

"It takes me forever to do my homework."

"I do horrible on tests!"

"My back hurts from carrying so many folders and notebooks."

If so, this book can help!

SOAR® Study Skills is a comprehensive system that empowers students to manage their time, school-work, and extra-curricular interests more efficiently.

All strategies are easy to integrate into an immediate routine. The four-step program builds upon each strategy to increase students' understanding and retention, while decreasing their homework and study time.

SOAR® Study Skills is a Student-Friendly Program

SOAR® Study Skills is a core program, addressing basic organizational and strategic learning needs for students. There are some popular "study strategies" that you will NOT see in SOAR® because they do not meet our criteria for "student-friendly."

The three principles for a student-friendly system that stand behind SOAR® Study Skills are:

-Strategies must be time-efficient. Strategies must be realistic for students to do, save them time, and reduce as many unnecessary steps as possible.

-Strategies must be effective. We respect students' time and will not teach anything that does not deliver results.

-Strategies must apply across the content areas. There are many study skills that are useful techniques, but we only selected or developed strategies that apply across content areas so that students will clearly understand the appropriate times/settings to use the strategies. This approach empowers students to confidently take more responsibility for their own work and develop a more strategic approach to all of their learning.

Regardless if students are in 6th grade or seniors in college, the types of academic tasks they have to do are essentially the same. Therefore, strategies in this book are appropriate for students in:

-upper elementary

-middle school

-high school


Topics Covered

-Time and task-management


-Paper organization

-Homework/project planning

-Reading skills

-Organizing at home & school

-Note-taking strategies

-Test-taking strategies

-Communication & affective skills

-Writing strategies

Special Features

-Tips for students who live in two homes.

-Guidelines for students with ADD/ADHD.

-Guidelines to help parents and teachers use this book effectively with students.

Preview the SOAR® Study Skills Curriculum

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"I was getting C's and D's. Now I am getting A's and B's! I learned how to be organized and how to has made such a difference!"

-Katie H., 11th Grade Student

"I wish these books were available when I was a sixth grader! I think they are great."

-Ryan D., Middle School Teacher

"I liked how everything was grouped in categories and everything kind of set up the next step of SOAR®."

-Stephanie C., 11th Grade Student

"I have used The SOAR® Study Skills book in my resource room with middle school students in grades 5-8. I have found many of them have benefited from the various ideas and strategies I have taught them from SOAR. I think your program is excellent!"

-Antczak R., Middle School Teacher

"I am reading and reviewing chapters in my books now. It is really easy and really helps me study for tests."

-Kieth S., 6th Grade Student

"We have used your book for the first semester of our class. The feedback received from this book has been awesome! They absolutely loved it. The teachers loved the book and "did not want it to end." We think this book will help our students be more successful and has offered our students an foundation to goal setting and organizational skills that they will build on for the rest of their education. Thanks so much!"

-Elissa L., Middle School Counselor

Price Breaks for Multiple Book Purchases

(Automatically calculated when added to cart)

Quantity of SOAR® Study Skills Books Volume Pricing
1-3 $29.99 per book
4-20 $24.99 per book
21-49 $19.99 per book
50-199 $18.99 per book
200-499 $17.99 per book
500-1499 $16.99 per book
1500 + $15.99 per book

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