ADHD School Success Kit


Contains strategies and supplies optimized for the circuitry of the ADHD brain!

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For Grades K-12

The ADHD School Success Kit includes all of the supplies you need to get organized right away!  Get started quickly and easily with a customized action plan, using our ADHD School Success Scorecard (included). 

The Scorecard will help you target your most intense challenges immediately,
so you will get the most needed results right away! 

In addition to all supplies and the Scorecard, you will also get access to our Members Only portal with several videos and audio clips
to see demonstrations of strategies and how to set up/use supplies.

Our ADHD School Success Kit Includes:

- ADHD School Success Scorecard ($20 value) Get results immediately! The Scorecard provides a customized action plan to help you target your greatest challenges right away! 

- All SOAR® Simple Organization System supplies ($140 value):

- SOAR Binder

- SOAR Folder

- Hanging File Organizer for at-home organization

- SOAR Planner

- How-to videos: Short, easy-access videos illustrate how to use your new supplies and strategies from SOAR®.

- Homework Help for Parents! e-book & audio ($75 value) A vast collection of quick and simple tips to help parents manage homework on the home-front.  Includes important information on motivation!

- The ADHD Circuit®: ADHD Is NOT About Distraction! ($10 value)  No more confusion over ADHD!  This short eBook introduces Susan’s ground-breaking model that helps parents, teachers, and students really understand what happens in an ADHD brain.  With this understanding, solutions for navigating challenges become simple and clear. 

- Special ReportCue to Reading: How to Identify & Fix Any Reading Challenge…Quickly!  ($10 value) Digital version for immediate access!

- $100 credit towards our Strategic Learning Class ($100 value)

- BONUS: SOAR® Study Skills Book ($29 value) If you already have one, share with a sibling, a friend, or a co-worker!

“Buy these books two at a time, because you're going to want to share but you're not going to be willing to let go of your copy!” 
      - K. Volz, Rolla, MO, parent of an ADHD student

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