Simple Organization System (SOS) Binder


Includes the SOAR® Binder System Supplies plus two web-based instructional videos to help eliminate disorganization.

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Simple Organization System (SOS) Binder

**Perfect for students with ADHD, learning disabilities, or challenge with executive function!**

Get organized with the SOS Binder by SOAR®!

Disorganization is one of the greatest complaints we hear from parents and see in students! Common problems include:

-Forgetting homework at school.

-Losing homework before it gets home.

-Bringing the wrong folder or notebook home.

-Doing homework, but losing it before it can be turned in.

-Bringing the wrong folders and notebooks to class. (After all, they all look alike!)

These problems are very common, yet parents often feel like their child is the only one who cannot get his (or her) act together.

Why Do Traditional Organization Systems Fail?

Traditional Systems Actually Make the Problem Worse!

Teachers typically require one separate folder and notebook for each class. The thought is, "If students have a SEPARATE folder and notebook for my class, it will help them keep everything organized." Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are three specific reasons why the traditional system doesn't work.

1. Students have too much "stuff"!

Most students have 6-8 different classes. When each requires a "separate" folder and notebook, that adds up to 12-16 different supplies to manage...before we even start counting textbooks! That would be like us adults having 12-16 different email inboxes to maintain every day!

Not only do students have too many supplies, they also have to transport them to several locations: to class, their locker, home for homework, and back to school. This process creates a logistical nightmare for even the best students!

2. It all looks alike!

When students open their locker or reach into their book bag, all of their folders and notebooks blend into one another. It is very difficult to identify the items they need. So, often, they simply don't.

3. Anytime students are dealing with papers, folders, or notebooks, they are in a hurry!

Students are usually handling homework as the bell has rung and they are leaving class. Or, when they are at their locker, anxious to catch the bus, get to practice, or simply get home! Finally, when they are at home and doing their homework, they just want to finish it as quickly as possible. In all of these situations, students are feeling rushed.

We can fight this fact, or we can work WITH it.

The SOS is a system that simplifies the organizational process for all students. The supplies are basic: a traditional binder and a few folders. But, the process for using the system has been revolutionary for thousands of students.

What Can You Expect From the SOS Binder?

With the SOS Binder, Students Will:

-Have less "stuff" to manage.

-Not lose any more papers. (Yes, it is possible!)

-Return completed homework back to school.

-Earn higher grades because of completed work. (It is nearly impossible to get less than a "C" in any middle or high school class if all work is turned in.)

-Be far less stressed over school...

-And have much more confidence!

What Is Included With the SOS Binder?

The SOS Binder includes the following resources:

-A Step-by-Step web-based Video. We will show you how to properly set up a binder...and make it work at school and at home. We show you how to use it at home and at school to get the best, time-saving value from it. We will talk about how to keep it as simple as possible...removing common barriers to make the binder as user-friendly as possible.

-The SOAR® Binder System Supplies:

-Durable 1 1/2" binder

-6 poly folders

-2 sheets of labels

-Notebook paper

-A colorful, durable, hanging file system for home (as pictured) that is a big hit with students!

-BONUS WEB-BASED VIDEO - SOS at Home: How to Set Up a Dynamic Study Space

-Phone and email support. If you have any questions or encounter any problems in helping your student make the best use of the SOS, you are welcome to contact us via phone or email. Our fully trained staff will offer kind and knowledgeable assistance.

Organization is often a battle, but a few simple concepts can help students focus, be more productive, and feel better about homework!

The SOAR® Guarantee

The SOS Binder is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, let us know. We'll make arrangements to have you return the merchandise and give you a full refund.

We can make this kind of guarantee because the SOAR® Study Skills system has proven itself over the last 15 years with thousands of teachers, students, and families who have learned how to efficiently learn, organize, and improve grades while restoring peace at home.

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"I can't believe how much easier it is for me to keep my papers organized. Since I started using the Binder, I have not lost one assignment! My parents are so excited and I feel so much better about school. Thank you!"

- Michael Z., 9th Grade Student --

"The SOS got her off to a good start. I do not check her work or even help her at all! Her teacher's say she's doing great!"

-Debbie M., Middle School Parent

"The SOAR® system is working! There have been no missed assignments and no problems with homework left at school."

-Vicki W., Teacher

"The binder system and SOAR® book are the cornerstone for my 6th graders at St. John's!"

-Valarie B., Learning Specialist

"We are just beginning, but we are already on a wonderful journey that is making a difference in Joey's school and personal life. Those changes will ultimately affect my life too! I feel like SOAR® is the answer to my prayers. Thank you so much!"

-Jan P., Middle School Parent

"I want you to know that this is the first year we have done a study skills course for our 6th graders. I was given the pleasure of finding something to use, and I came across your program. I looked through several programs and emailed the link to yours to my supervisors and they loved it! Thank you for your hard work. Our kids are really benefiting from it."

-Jeff M., Middle School Teacher

"I don't know what these kids would have done without going on the SOAR® Binders. The system is great. They feel better about school - kind of a relief seeing their stuff organized for once! They finally know where everything is!"

-Felicia T., Learning Specialist

"Everything is practical and easy to do. Great tips! My son set up the SOAR® Binder and it is working for him!"

-Janet C., Elementary and Middle School Parent

"Just wanted to let you know that our school ranked #2 in America's Best Public High Schools - Midwest. SOAR® played a big part in that!"

-Dale P., High School Teacher

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