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We Are Currently Preparing Students for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist…

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist,
Using technologies that haven’t been invented,
In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”

– Karl Fisch, “Did You Know”

When we grew up, the employment rate was fairly stable and our greatest concern was being able to perform just a bit better than a few other “local” job applicants in order to get a “good” job.

Our children, however, are facing new challenges. For one, they will no longer be competing with people in our hometowns for jobs; they will be competing with people all over the globe! Secondly, companies are down-sizing. For better or worse, technology is allowing companies to do more with less.

In order to give our children a competitive advantage in this Information Age and global economy, we must teach them how to learn strategically: to organize themselves, process new information efficiently, make critical decisions about that information, and access it at a later time.

These types of learning skills are called “soft skills.” They include learning, organization, and communication strategies. Most schools do not teach these skills, because the national and state standards that drive their funding are focused almost entirely on content. Very little focus falls on learning or processing skills.

One study done by the Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation found that 75 percent of long-term career success depends on soft skills and only 25 percent on technical knowledge.

Take a moment to do an internet search on “soft skills.” You will find that the majority of the information comes from countries outside of the U.S. Other nations are educating their students in the most significant skills far better than we are!

The only way to ensure your child has every advantage to compete in our global economy is to provide access to these “soft skills.” A great place to start is with the time-efficient and effective strategies found in SOAR.

Not only can you give your children and students a competitive advantage for the future, they will earn better grades (in less time) and develop confidence! Parents can even save a lot of money in college expenses when their young adult children are able to pass classes on their first attempt!

Study skills changed my life! They can give all students countless advantages! These are skills that will truly serve them for life!

-Susan Kruger


4 Responses to “We Are Currently Preparing Students for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist…”

  1. Juanita says:

    So, true and in small rural areas where many families exist on the “fringe” it is often difficult to teach students to step outside of their present existence to dream of something different. In addition to content, we must teach students to reach beyond today.

  2. Amy Bosio says:

    I would like info on your program. Is it for individual students or for schools?

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