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The ADHD Circuit® (Article 4): ADHD Is Not an Excuse!

We’ve done a few “special article” series before, but nothing has lit up the blog comments like the topic of ADHD.  I’ve enjoyed the questions and feedback.  There are excellent questions coming through and I hope to expand on most of them in future articles.  Keep them coming!

One of the comments came from Rita, who wrote the following:

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The ADHD Circuit® (Article 3): My Personal Journey Through The ADHD Circuit®. . .for a Cup of Milk!

Welcome to everyone who joined The ADHD Circuit® in the last week!  If you are just joining this series, you will probably want to start with the first article, available here.

I would also like to send a special call-out to my cousins!  I am the youngest of 32 “first” cousins; Minta, a cousin by marriage, says that we all have the same eyes.  Apparently, the genetics do not stop there because many of us -and our children- have ADHD.  There was a lot of buzz about ADHD (and my party lights) over Thanksgiving weekend.  My mom encouraged them to join The ADHD Circuit®.  Having my cousins subscribe will certainly keep me honest.  They’ll likely keep me humble, too!

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The ADHD Circuit® (Article 2): A Breakdown of the ADHD Circuit®

I have always been fascinated by strings of lights. It amazes me how a simple strand of light bulbs can illuminate any space and transform it into a warm and festive atmosphere.

While shopping for party decorations this summer, I came across an inexpensive set of lights that would fit perfectly in our kitchen. I put them up for a surprise party, but we enjoyed them so much, they never came down. Little did I know, that $10 pack of lights would not only add a nice touch of ambiance to my kitchen…it would help me discover a clear model for understanding ADHD.

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The ADHD Circuit® (Article 1): Introduction to the ADHD Circuit®

Developing Confidence in School When You Have ADHD

Do you know why you have ADHD? …Because you are extremely intelligent! No, I am not being sarcastic. In fact, I could not be more sincere. Most people with ADHD have such a strong interest in a great variety of things, they have a hard time maintaining focus on one thing at a time. Of course, there are additional reasons too, but I am here to tell you that every person I know with ADHD (friends, relatives, and students) have an extraordinary number of talents and are all extremely bright. So, why do so many students with ADHD struggle in school? (more…)

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