“Smart Phones” vs Planners

Marcia, a teacher from Wisconsin using the SOAR® curriculum, recently asked us:

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a student who wants to use an e-planner, rather than a paper one?

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The Cost of NOT Teaching Study Skills

As school budgets are rapidly shrinking, administrators have to carefully consider how to allocate their budget; they need to get the most “bang for their buck.” Managing a school budget is an art form involving hundreds of decisions and balancing dozens of demands.


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Study Skills for College

Whether you teach students who are heading off to college in a few months or you have a child who is heading off to college in five years, there are a few study tips that can dramatically improve their odds of success.

How do I know?

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Study Skills for Adults

This week, I am tackling the topic of “Study Skills for Adults.” After attending a long and intense seminar this weekend, I put together a video summary of the best study skills I used to make the most of my weekend. The principles of efficient learning apply to ALL ages!

View the video below:

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Great Tool for Planning Big Projects

We are heading in to the time of year that students of all ages have reports, presentations, and other big projects to do. So, I am sharing a nifty, on-line tool that is a great for helping students map out a plan for these big projects. It is a calendar creator that will allow you to print a customizable date range of up to 12 weeks…all on one page. It’s free and available here: (more…)

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