Note Taking

Tips for Taking Notes in Class

Note-taking may be the quintessential study skill. Even people without a real concept of “study skills” know that students are supposed to take notes. Teachers like to say, “If I’m talking, you should be writing.” But how many students listen?

Students struggle with note-taking because they are overwhelmed by the content covered in class. They don’t know where to start. They don’t know what to write down because they don’t know the content well enough to identify main ideas and key points.

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Additional Formats for Note-Taking

Through our SOAR® Study Skills book we describe a simple and efficient system for taking notes in class and studying those notes outside of class. There are, however, some additional note-taking formats, such as concept webs (great for learning science or social studies vocabulary) and graphic organizers. Below you will find a description of concept webs and graphic organizers, as well as some resources to help you get started using either method.


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What Is the Greatest Predictor of Success in School?

Today’s article begins with a quiz:

What cognitive process is the greatest predictor of success in school?

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Highlighting and Talking: Suggestions for Sierra Leone

I know this everyone has their minds on “turkey,” but I only received one response to Creative Ideas Needed for Orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The idea comes from Laura H. (not to be confused with the Laura who is working with the orphanage in Sierra Leone): (more…)

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