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Ironically, learning “how to learn” is not a skill that is typically taught in schools, yet it is a critical skill for school and life-long success. On this page, you will see how learning how to learn can help you, your child, or your students. You will also learn why SOAR® Study Skills is completely unique from any other study skills resource available and how our values and approach make our program so successful.

The SOAR® Study Skills Advantage

There are several reasons why SOAR® Study Skills is a unique and effective program:

SOAR® strategies are easy to use. Most study skills resources provide lists of strategies that are very time-consuming to do and often difficult to remember. The pieces of the SOAR® program, however, are fast to use, easy to remember, and provide results quickly. This integrated program consists of steps that connect to one another, making the program easy to learn and use.

SOAR® Study Skills is a system that focuses on core, fundamental skills for school success. The strategies and concepts in the program efficiently apply across subject areas so just a few strategies will provide big results.

SOAR® Study Skills is the first program to acknowledge and incorporate the family into a study skills program. Other courses focus solely on the student, but we encourage active participation from all members of the family, which greatly increases the success of our student participants.

Expected Results

Students Who Take Our Classes…

Earn better grades. We teach strategies that help students learn and remember information better, which translates to increase scores on tests and assignments. Students also learn how to organize their supplies and papers, preventing lost assignments and lost points.

Have more free time. The SOAR® strategies allow students to work more efficiently so they can study and do school work faster. Students also learn how to prioritize and manage their time so they can create a good balance between school obligations and extra-curricular interests.

Develop a great sense of confidence! As we help students set goals and teach them how to accomplish those goals, students quickly realize that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Parents Who Listen to our audio program, Homework Help! for Parents…

Learn strategies for making homework time shorter, more successful, and less frustrating for their children. Whether their children are in elementary school and are just developing homework habits, or they are in high school and have been struggling a long time, we help parents identify and use strategies that are most appropriate for their children.

Learn why homework causes stress in the household and how to solve homework battles. Once parents understand the root causes of homework difficulties, they are better able to cope with homework situations and prevent negative challenges from happening in the first place.

Learn how to improve communication with their children. We often work with parents and students together, helping them each learn how to get along better when doing homework. This improved communication serves parents and children in all other areas of their lives, too!

Educators that teach our program in their classrooms, learning centers, or tutoring sessions:

Have a system of strategies that are broken down into manageable steps and easy for their students to implement. The program is very clear and flexible for both teachers and students. The steps of our program integrate well together, but can also be used separately to address specific student needs.

Learn how to teach SOAR® strategies in a study skills/academic resource program or how to incorporate them in the general curriculum classes. SOAR® includes core, fundamental strategies for academic learning and blends very well into all curriculum areas, or can stand alone as its own class.

Become empowered to make a lasting difference in their students’ lives. Educators often feel frustrated and hopeless when their students clearly do not know how to study, get organized, or make good decisions. Even with their professional expertise, most educators have never learned “how to learn” efficiently and find it difficult to teach these concepts to students. SOAR® Study Skills provide the tools they need to reach and teach their students.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

At SOAR® Study Skills, we are committed to helping students, parents, and educators discover tools for academic success and develop a strong sense of personal confidence that will serve well beyond the classroom. We believe in the abilities of each and every student and know that every individual has talents, even if they are not readily apparent in school situations. We recognize that “study skills” often become “life skills” because learning does not stop when a student steps out of the classroom.

We encourage each person to do their personal best. No more, no less. We do not focus on a specific grade point average or insist that all of our students earn straight A’s. Instead, our focus is on self-improvement and self-fulfillment. At the end of each day, we want students to be able to say, “I did my best” and feel proud of their accomplishments.

We believe the family and home environment is a critical piece of the learning process for students of all ages, especially for those in high school or younger. Our programs focus on and embrace the role of family in homework success.

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