Can I Benefit?

Our Products and Programs are for:

-Students in middle school, high school, and college who want to earn better grades and have more free time.

-Parents of elementary, middle, and high school students who feel their child is not working to their potential in school.

-Educators of middle school, high school, and college students who want to help their students achieve long-term success in school, and in life.

The Problem:

Can you, your child, or your students relate to any of these comments?

“I forgot my books at school!”

“I did my homework, but now I can’t find it”

“I forgot we had to do that for homework.”

“It takes me forever to do my homework!”

“I do horrible on tests!”

“My back hurts from carrying so many notebooks and folders.”

“I am tired of fighting about school! I wish you would just leave me alone!”

These complaints represent some of the most common problems that our clients face.

When Do People Contact Us?

Students contact us (or ask their parents to call us) when they are feeling frustrated in school. Often, they feel “stupid” and hopeless about their potential in school or they are depressed by how much time it takes them to do homework.

Parents contact us when they are exhausted by homework arguments, frustrated with report cards, feeling like they are “talking to a brick wall,” or simply unsure of how to help their child find success in school. Parents often feel like they are doing something wrong or that something is wrong with their child because it does not seem like homework should cause such a strain on the student, themselves, or the family.

Teachers contact us after witnessing countless students: forget homework assignments (no matter how many times they were reminded), fail tests (no matter how many test questions they reviewed in class), take poor notes (even though they wrote the notes down on the board themselves), or seem generally oblivious about how to be prepared for school.

Our Ideal Client:

You will be most successful with SOAR® if:

-You are committed to taking action in order to see a positive change. In baseball, a home run does not count until the batter has run the bases. Our products and programs are the home runs, but it is up to you to run the bases by practicing strategies and working to develop habits. (For parents and teachers, this means being a consistent and reliable coach as your child/student works to make some changes.)

-You are open-minded about trying new things. Even if you “have tried that before,” chances are that some strategies you have tried before were not done properly, consistently, or in the correct context. Of course, we are always open to your feedback and will modify strategies to meet your needs, but some things simply need that good ‘ol “college try.”

-You (parents) are willing to make some adjustments to help your child succeed. A significant part of our mission is to help students and parents work together to find common ground in regards to school. In order to be successful, parents must be willing to take a look at how their own actions may be contributing to the problem and how they can contribute to the solution.

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